Character a day – Molly Marvel

Molly Marvel.

She is the one and only ……… The lead character in Molly Marvel, the Mystical Magician…………

‘Molly Marvel was a horrid little girl, some were rumoured to have said quite awful. Everything she wanted, she got.

Everything had to go her own way.

She had everything a ten-year old girl could ever want, a pony called ’Rainbow Smarty’ -which to be honest she never cleaned out – she paid her ’best friend’ Trixie Foule to muck the poor thing out every morning.

She had all the latest things, a brand new super mobile phone (it had to be better than all her friends’ – of course), the latest computer games consoles, music systems – anything you can think of, she had it! She had all the latest designer clothes, she had her hair and nails ‘done‘ with her mother every few weeks, her ‘naturally‘ blonde hair was always done up in the latest styles…Molly was one frightfully spoilt child. Molly was spoiled rotten by her father, she was Daddies little princess and she knew it.

However, the one thing she loved more than anything else (more than clothes, music or her pony), was ‘Sparkle’ her beloved cat – a pedigree cat, naturally. Sparkle was a big white ball of fluff with huge blue googly eyes, a blue sparkly collar and a matching blue bow; it was such a shame that Sparkle was a male cat, poor thing.’

‘Out of all the many rooms in the house – that had all been decorated by an interior designer, Molly’s Favourite room was her Princess theme bedroom. After all, she was her Daddies little princess!’

Molly Marvel is the only daughter of Trevor and Trudy Marvel. Her best friend is Trixie Foule. Molly thinks that she is the best person in the world and she knows everything – she thinks everyone want to be just like her. Molly actually believes that she is a Princess.

Molly Marvel is in Miss Surekind’s class at Bebingford County Primary School.


* New and pretty things.

* Looking her best.

* Getting what she wants, when she wants it.

* Getting Trixe to do things for her.

* Being Daddies little Princess.

* Her beloved cat ‘Sparkle’ and her pony Rainbow Smarty.

* The colour pink

ManicuresPedicures and Facials with her Mum – Trudy


* Her Mother, Trudy’s cabbage, which she cooks with every meal.

* Being told what to do.

* The thought of having to share anything with her new brother or sister.

* The thought of having a brother or sister.

* Miss Foghart

* Uncle Bert’s Magic Class

* Her enemy Mary Martin



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Bring on the Bebingford Bunch!

The Bebingford Bunch – Series of Children’s Books

Written by Lisa Jane Robinson

Illustrated by Alix Cunningham

Our aim is to write a series of kids’ books that bring a light-hearted, yet, honest approach to everyday situations and problems that kids aged 7-11 have to face.

We want to tackle issues that are not currently covered in kids’ books. I aim to do this in a realistic and not ‘sugar-coated’ approach to the many issues kids this age experience every single day.

The Bebingford Bunch – is a series of short stories that overlap, featuring the children off Miss Surekind’s class. We want to write a book for each child in the class. Each one exploring a different topical issue, yet flowing on from each other. With the same characters re-occurring in each book.

The first book in this series is Molly Marvel the Mystical Magician.

The marvels Facebook Page Image 1

This book tells the story of a seemingly spoilt child who gets what she wants, when she wants it. Her world is turned upside-down when her parents tell her that they are expecting a baby. Molly’s only wish is for them to go away, but what would happen if they did?

The moral of this story is ‘you don’t know what you have until it’s gone’. The book itself covers issues such as what happens when you hear your parents are going to have another baby, learning to share and the book mildly touches on the issue of Bullying.

The second book in the series is currently being written – ‘Trixie Foule, the Coolest Kid in School’, which is a follow on from Molly Marvel as Trixie is Molly’s best friend and will cover the issues of Trixie growing up with lots of brothers and sisters, being the youngest child, and focuses more on issues such as Bullying and poverty. The tagline for this story is ‘Triumph over adversity’.