About The Bebingford Bunch

The Bebingford Bunch


A Series of Children’s Books

Created by Lisa Jane Robinson

Our aim is to write a series of kids’ books that bring a light-hearted, yet, honest approach to everyday situations and problems that kids aged 9-11 have to face.

I want to tackle issues that are not currently covered in kids’ books. I aim to do this in a realistic and not ‘sugar-coated’ approach to the many issues kids this age experience every single day.

The Bebingford Bunch – is a series of short stories that overlap, featuring the children of Miss Summertime’s class. I want to write a book for each child in the class. Each one exploring a different topical issue, yet flowing on from each other. With the same characters re-occurring in each book.

The First book, Molly Marvel the Mystical Magician, tells a tale of a seemingly spoilt child, Molly Marvel who lives with her Parents, Trevor and Trudy, their cat and the dog. They all appear to live a ‘perfect‘ life in a ‘perfect’ house, but nothing is ever as it seems…

The book progresses to reveal how Molly Marvel, as the story unfolds hears the news that her mother is expecting a brother or sister, Molly is not happy at all.

Though, the story appears to be initially light hearted, it then goes to deal with serious and current issues such as how to deal with having a baby brother or sister, having to share things. What happens if there is a problem when the baby is born and how to explain this to a ten year old.

The character of Molly at the start comes across as a bit of a bully at the start. The subject of bullying is an issue that is more dealt with in the second book ‘Trixie Foule, the Coolest Kid in School’ – which is currently being developed. Trixie Foule the Coolest Kid in School also covers issue such as homelessness and poverty.

The tagline for Molly Marvel is: ‘You don’t know what you have got till its gone’

Molly Marvel will be used as a work in progress piece to showcase the idea of what I would like to achieve here at the Bebingford Bunch.

If you would like an advance copy, you can email bebingfordbunch@outlook.com to request this.

The series of books will all have the same characters in, so will be familiar to the reader and with the topical issues being discussed, will help them to relate to the story.

As the books progress, I am going to cover issues such as parents being in the armed forcessame sex parents, illnesses that kids may have, kids who could be gay, poverty, naming just a few.

The main aim for the Bebingford Bunch is for it to be a constantly evolving piece of work to be used as a reference and aid to kids going through any of these issues covered. Also, for their friends and colleagues to gather an understanding of what happens in these situations and what support is available for them, their parents and relatives.

I want to get as many people as possible involved in the project to give it a first hand approach. Both parent and kids who have experienced a specific issues – are more than welcome to contribute and get in touch.

I would also like to take this piece into schools and complete workshops for children on the issues that are covered – getting charities and companies involved to make this the best and most effective project it can be.


A few bits from Lisa…

My main wring influences are Roald Dahl as I love they way he switches from being absolutely hilarious to giving you an ultimate ‘reality check’ the next – the man was a genius! 🙂 If I could be even the tiniest bit as good as writing as he was, then I would be happy

Francesca Simon is also brilliant writer – the Horrid Henry books are really funny.

Also, Jane Austen, because of the sarcasm and amount of gossip in her books and the fact that she was an absolute writing legend

Finally, though not really a writer of kids books as such, Jennifer Saunders – my all time heroine, idol and all time top comedy writer and performer. Anyone that knows me will know about my obsession with Absolutely Fabulous


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